We got robbed. Moving sucks

House got robbed when we were all out of town during the holidays. We're all moving out now. I hate moving. This will be the 2nd move in 2 years. Especially when we'll be moving during the beginning of term.

The burglary was depressing not because they stole my projector. That makes me sad, but what's depressing is that they went through my room and stole nothing. They found nothing worth stealing. Apparently I have been compiling an inventory of useless shit in these past 2 years.

Planning to move south of the 210fwy because the burglary rate drops to almost none down there. It's a little paranoid, but it's a nice thing to be more certain about. Still looking around. Not really a lot of practical and affordable places. I hate moving.

Something to life the spirits a tad bit =)