LA zoo sketching

Here are all the little doodles I did for the day. They aren't great, and the models obviously didn't get the memo about standing still. They're not accurate, so don't base any facts on these drawings.

No lions, but there were tigers and bears.
Oh my.

I asked a friend to come draw at the zoo, and she said that she 'was not good enough to draw in public'. And then I wanted to tell her that neither am I, and how it doesn't matter what people think. But then I remember how I used to be, and how none of this would make sense to me two years ago. And then I made some silly joke on how only the animals would be judging us and how we will always hold our opposable thumbs over them; except for primates. But then they can never get their hands on graphite and paper, so I think we still got the leg up on those five-fingered apes. 

Had such a fun day hanging out at the zoo. It was such a great day just shooting the shit and remembering how much fun it is to just draw things.