The Thunderbird

A re-skinning of Stardust. 

In this reiteration of mine, instead of a necklace being thrown into the night skies, the Chieftain shoots a magic arrow into the night sky for his sons to find. Yvainne is the Thunderbird who gets shot out of the sky by the old Chieftain's magic arrow and is sapped of her powers.

In this version, Lamia is an exiled shaman who believes that he can regain eternal youth by eating the heart of the Thunderbird. 

Tristan is a store-clerk in a frontier-town who promises a girl from town that he will investigate the bright flash in the sky and bring back evidence of his journey. He goes into the canyon maze and finds the magical world beyond the canyons. 

Colorscript for The Thunderbird

Key scene 1 when Dustin makes his way into Thunderhold.

Tristan finds Yvainne in a crater

Tristan carries the drained Yvainne and escapes from Lamia

Lamia kills Seven-son with his shaman magic